Welcome to our Specialised Workshop Tool Stickers site, where we hope to help you create a great TOOL SHADOWBOARD to best suit your own needs and tool locations.

This site has been developed as a result of a professional background in Engineering, Power Station and Ship maintenance, Furniture & Office Interior manufacturing and others, all of which has given a genuine appreciation of the TRUE VALUE of establishing Sensible, Clear and Simple, Efficiency & Safety Systems in any production or maintenance environment.
The purpose of this website and our in-house manufacturing is to offer total support to every  workshop & to ensure every Portable HAND or POWER TOOL owned is held as readily available in the BEST location for both safety and efficient access, where any TOOLS that might be misplaced or not available, will be ‘visually flagged’ & instantly obvious.

Our High Visibility Coloured Vinyl, self  adhesive TOOL STICKERS give management instant knowledge of current status in a busy manufacturing environment, with the right equipment being always there to deal with issues immediately, without searching to locate obscure tools.

Our growing range of WORKSHOP TOOL OUTLINES, despite their simplicity, punch well above their weight in value to any enterprise. They benefit staff, floor management, time management, maintenance crews and downtime costs. NO time wasted walking back & forth to the stores.
With 50+ years experience in manufacturing environments, there have been many times where a modest spend on an effective TOOL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, plus a little supporting education, has lifted output by a healthy margin. Our Tool Stickers reinforce the high benefits available through ‘LEAN SYSTEMS’, ‘6 SIGMA’, ‘5S’, ‘Kanban’, ‘Kaizen’, TQM, JIT, RCA, DMAIC and various other manufacturing & maintenance efficiency systems.

If you have other TOOLS that are not yet in our menu as STICKERS, we would certainly welcome your input, so we can add more TOOL STICKERS to our range for everyone to access.

If you need TOOL STICKERS for any Specialised Tools, Cutters, Cranks, Handles, Wrenches, Braces, Safety Equipment or other Unique Items that we could create for you, our quotations are totally free and our manufacturing prices are likely much less than your time to outline and cut out. Our Packaging and Shipping cost is just one small sum regardless of the Order Size.

Colour choices are left to each client. (colours shown on website are only representative) Our screen shots are not as glamorous as our manufactured TOOL DECALS, which are sharp, bright and visible. TOOL BOARD STICKERS are made to fully suit YOU.

We will happily produce to client personal requirements and subject to firm order, make to any specified colour or pattern or even produce with a name or corporate logo on each decal as required, although prices might adjust.

Our Workshop Tools Stickers will absolutely earn their keep, even if only by reducing tool losses or killing the extensive amount of time wasted seeking out TOOLS when actually needed.


If you have an enquiry or requirement, please feel free to email me through our website.