Scan tools or utensils while they sit on our metric graph paper.

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Dedicated Shadow-Board Tool Stickers,


Let us help you create High Viz SHADOW-BOARDS  to best suit your very own needs and locations.


With a professional background in Power Station, Ship engineering, Furniture Making, Office Interiors and Lean Manufacturing, we have a solid appreciation of the TRUE VALUE of Formal Efficiency & Safety Systems in any production or maintenance environment.

Our in-house manufacturing offers full support to any workshop to ensure each Portable Hand or Power Tool is Visually Flagged and in the BEST location for both safety & efficient access, where any tool misplaced or absent, can be rapidly dealt with.

High Visibility Coloured Vinyl TOOL SHADOWBOARDS encourage and improve greater workshop tidiness and efficiency, such that despite their simplicity, Tool Shadows punch well above their weight in any enterprise.

A TOOL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, plus a little education, can improve output by a healthy margin. Our Tool Shadows reinforce the benefits available through ‘LEAN SYSTEMS’, ‘6 SIGMA’, ‘5S’, ‘Kanban’, ‘Kaizen’, TQM, JIT, DMAIC and various other manufacturing & quality maintenance or efficiency systems.

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